For the past few years, Totalis has been working with the V-Deck system for several clients. After executing several projects with very satisfied clients, Totalis has invested heavily in the V-Deck system. We invested not only in materials, but also in training and knowledge about the V-Deck system.

The V-Deck system has many advantages over the familiar traditional suspended scaffolding. The assembly and disassembly of the V-Deck is many times faster, leading to a shorter turnaround time of the implementation period. These time savings result in significant cost savings when looking at production loss and labour costs, among other things. The time savings of the V-Deck system can be up to 80% compared to traditional working methods (e.g., suspended scaffolding).

The V-Deck system can be mounted in numerous ways (length, width and height) to provide a customised solution for a safe workplace at height for the client.

If necessary or desired, our V-Deck system is equipped with 'load cells' at all anchor points. In this way, the forces at the anchor point are continuously monitored and the weight on the V-Deck can be tracked in real time.
Would you like to learn more about the possibilities of our V-Deck system when it comes to providing a (mobile) workstation at height? Do not hesitate and contact us for appropriate personal advice.

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