Totalis’s scaffolding is used to perform:

  • Maintenance work
  • Turn Arounds / Factory Stops
  • New build projects
  • Renovation work
  • Construction work

The scaffolding is built by skilled scaffolders. All our scaffolders hold the appropriate certificates for their profession. For Totalis, being a professional means performing the job in a safe, service-oriented and ergonomically responsible manner. We continually provide our team members with additional training to ensure their knowledge is up to date.

For special scaffolds, Totalis provides the design drawing and associated calculations. Before starting construction work, the design drawing is reviewed with the scaffolders.

In some cases, special scaffolding is performed using Rope Access.
Examples include:

  • Suspended Platforms
  • Scaffolding in spherical vessels
  • Scaffolding in refrigeration works
  • Scaffolding in refrigeration works under water with divers

Of course, the scaffolding is built by certified employees.

After the scaffolding is built, it is always inspected by a certified scaffolding inspector.
After approval of the scaffolding, the scaffolding is released for use by means of the access label.