NDT stands for Non-Destructive Testing. Materials and/or welded joints are inspected without damaging the materials.

There are many NDT techniques that can be used to determine the integrity of structural components, reactors, silos and other installation components.
All our operators have at least level 2, and are certified according to EN ISO 9712, in the following disciplines:

All tests and inspections can be carried out using Rope Access and in combination with Compressed Air Breathing Apparatus.

The tests can be executed according to all available procedures e.g. Rules of Practice on Pressure Vessels, AD-Merkblatt, ASME, BS, SEP/SEL, client’s Internal Procedures etc.

Computer reporting and printing of the reports takes place at the client’s premises.
Digital photographs can be added to clarify the situation.

Ultrasonic testing

Ultrasonic testing is a method for checking materials. It is used to detect damage that is often not visible on the surface of the material or to determine dimensions of materials.

  • Wall thickness measurements of pipes and various types of appliances and materials.
  • Internal erosion/corrosion deterioration.
  • Monitoring and data logging
  • Segregations/duplications analysis
  • Cladding measurements
  • Manual welding inspection

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Magnetic and Penetrant Inspection

Magnetic and penetrant crack inspection is a way to identify cracks on the surface of a material.
Magnetic inspections can be carried out in several ways:

  • black/white or fluorescent
  • with yoke, prods or coil

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Endoscopy is a way of looking at something internally through a camera.

  • Pipe inspections
  • Vessels that are inaccessible

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Damage and corrosion inspections and testing

  • Material and corrosion experts detect failure mechanisms and provide independent material advice.

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Projects and special techniques

We can assist with or perform the following techniques ourselves.

  • Thermography
  • Assistance with, for example, the installation of sensors for acoustic emission of a spherical tank
  • Photo and video camera inspection
  • NDT coordination and project management during shutdowns, regular maintenance including scaffolding, insulation, brush and mechanical installation activities
  • Performance of specialist grinding work 3

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