Totalis | Total Industrial Support

“Just in place”

Total Industrial Support BV (Totalis) was founded on April 1, 2005. The raison d’être of Totalis is an entirely new product or technique called ‘Totalis Just In Place’ or ‘JIP’, which combines creative thinking with all the techniques for working in hard-to-reach places (at height, in the water, in narrow spaces) to offer innovative solutions to clients. JIP was created by combining knowledge and skills acquired from decades of experience in alpine sports and speleology and knowledge and skills acquired from decades of experience in the industrial maintenance industry.

The following disciplines are performed by Totalis with the JIP technique:

  • Rope access
  • V-Deck
  • Laser cleaning
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Mobile blasting
  • Preservation and painting works (Nace certified)
  • Insulation work
  • Scaffolding work
  • Indoor & Outdoor Mapping
  • Drone inspections

The strength of Totalis, however, is not offering the mentioned disciplines as such but offering solutions for all kinds of problems for all possible clients in the field of technical maintenance. Totalis is constantly working to properly identify the needs from the various markets in order to constantly innovate to best serve clients. The mentioned disciplines are performed not only multidisciplinary but also monodisciplinary and of course without using JIP as well.